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  John's collection

John has been collecting telephones for over 40 years, since his earliest days with Australia's Postmaster General's Department, the precursor to todays Telstra. He was a technician with them up to 1973, when he joined IBM, and started his career in IT.

John originally collected Australian phones, then he branched out into US phones, and more recently he has started acquiring and restoring French phones. Of the latter, he has a CTTH "cow's horn" wall intercom, several unknown brand early wall intercoms, a SIT wooden box wall intercom, a late 1890s Berthon, reboxed in Australian hardwood with an unknown handset, a 1900 Berliner desk telephonette, a Picart-Lebas "Marty" wall set, with a CTTH magneto box and bell set, a Burgunder "Marty", and a PTT 1924 desk set.

Here attached are a couple of photos of part of his collection, mostly Australian with some US and UK.

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